Become a Patient

Valley Pediatric Group - Become a Patient We welcome new patients. Becoming a new patient is easy. If you are transferring your child's care from another doctor, just stop by our office to fill out a form to transfer your child's records. If it's easier, you can download the form from our Forms / Documents page, complete it and mail it in. You can also download and complete our "Demographics Form" ahead of time if you want to speed up the registration at your initial visit. Ideally, we like to schedule an initial check-up or "get to know you" visit once we have received your child's records. However, if your child becomes ill before the records have been transferred, please still feel free to call us for an appointment.

Choosing Us for your New Baby

We would be honored to be your baby's pediatricians. Choosing us is simple. When your baby is ready to come home from the hospital just call our office to schedule your baby's first visit in our office. We would like to see your baby within 1-2 days of leaving the hospital. We always have spaces in our schedule reserved just for new babies.

Insurance Plans

We are participants with most of the major insurance providers in the area including Anthem, Cigna, Southern Health, United Healthcare, Virginia Premier, Optima and many others. Please feel free to contact us directly to inquire about our participation with your provider.

Credit Cards

For your convenience, we accept most major credit cards for payment for services. Credit Cards we accept

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