Sports Physicals

Does your child need a sports physical? If your child has had a regular routine well visit within the past year we will do his/her sports physical in our office for only $10! That's cheaper than you can have it done anywhere - even at their school! If they haven't had a routine well visit in the past year we can schedule one and fill out their sports physical form as part of that visit. In most cases health insurance plans cover these visits in full. If that's true the cost to you for completing the "sports physical" will be nothing!!

Why do we do this? We think it's really important that we see your child once each year for a routine well visit / "physical". Those visits allow us to monitor your child's height and weight, screen their hearing and vision, review their history over the past year, examine them for signs of developing disease, suggest appropriate screenings and sometimes provide recommended vaccinations. In addition, those well visits give us a chance to maintain our relationship with you, your child and your entire family. In short, we think they're crucial to our mission of providing the highest quality health care for your children!

So, if we can use a discounted sports physical to help encourage regular well care and at the same time make life more convenient and economical for you we think that's great and we're happy to do it!

Remember that sports physicals for a given school year cannot be performed prior to May 1 of the previous school year. Give us a call!