Prenatal Visits

Valley Pediatric Group - Prenatal VisitsBecoming a parent is one of the most exciting, joy-filled experiences we have. It can also be filled with fear and uncertainty as we take on the role of parent for the first time. We've been there and we value the opportunity to work with you.

We offer and encourage prenatal visits. There is no charge for these visits. This is a terrific opportunity for you to ask some of the questions you may have as you prepare for your baby. To schedule a prenatal visit call our Waynesboro Office at (540) 949-0118 or our Verona Office at (540) 844-8143.

Choosing Us

We would be honored to be your baby's pediatricians. Choosing us is simple. Regardless of where your are delivering your baby, just inform the hospital staff that you will be using us as your baby's pediatricians. They will make the first appointment with us for you, usually within 1-3 days after you leave the hospital. If you aren't given an appointment with us by the hospital staff simply call our office on the day you are discharged to schedule your baby's first visit in our office. It is important to see your baby in the office within 1-3 days after you leave the hospital so give us a call as soon as you get home.